Unmechanical & 7 other Unreal games bundled together

Unmechanical & 7 other Unreal games bundled together over at Steam, its Epic, check it! ;)


Published 30 Apr 2013.
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Unmechanical 75% off on Steam!

Steam has an indie spring sale going on. Obviously your favorite adventure-puzzle game starring a spherical robot equipped with the power of flight is featured there as well! In case you've put off buying it, or know someone who needs some sweet tractorbeam action, head on over to the Steam store and grab a few copies.

Published 24 Mar 2013.
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Talawa Talk on GameCityNights!

I will be answering questions on GCN on Thursday.

Tune In!


Published 24 Mar 2013.
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Help us win this!

Pocket gamer has announcent a GOTW competition on their fanpage, they also made a nice review so show some love and help us win this! ;D


Published 21 Mar 2013.
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Unmechanical out on iOS!

We are ridiculously thrilled to tell you the iOS version of Unmechanical is finally here! Available on the AppStore, buy it, rate it, tell all your friends! Eat icecream!

Published 18 Mar 2013.
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Unmechanical for iOS has a releasedate!

March 18th folks! Tell all your friends!

A couple of weeks turned into a few months, and the game is finally done! We’ve been hard at work polishing the game further, to make sure the experience is as good as it can be for iOS devices, old and new generations alike. Now we finally have something that feels perfect. Time for release :)

Published 11 Mar 2013.
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