Dota 2 Spirit Breaker set, Imperial Crusher, just uploaded!

Spirit breaker - Imperial Crusher set, just uploaded!

We have been in touch with james 2gd harding and the folks over at the gdstudio, and together we have been working on a dota 2 set, the imperial crusher set.

Published 21 Oct 2013.
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free for a week on iOS and 75% off on Steam! :D

free for a week on iOS and 75% off on Steam! :D


Published 04 Aug 2013.
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Friend and film maker Pelle Jofjell came by

Had a nice coffee and chat about game narrative in the sun with our friend and filmmaker Pelle Jofjell. He happened to carry a camera so now we have a nice new photo of our team chilling by the fountain next to our office in Gamla Stan (Old Town)!

Published 23 Jul 2013.
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Honors and stuff :)

We finally decided to put some holes in our walls and look how pretty it turned out! :)

Published 10 Jul 2013.
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Unmechanical wins Best Artistic Achievement award at Nordic Game Awards!

We are very proud to announce the fact that Unmechanical brought home the prize for Best Artistic Achievement at the Nordic Game Awards! We almost didn’t end up going, good thing we did! Just look at how happy Jesper was:

Published 31 May 2013.
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UNMECHANICAL BEGINS! We celebrate 100 000 sold copies with free versions of the game on PC, iOS and more!!!

We are very proud to announce that Unmechanical has sold over 100 000 copies!!

To celebrate this we, today, released Unmechanical Begins on iOS! This is a version of the game divided into 4 chapters. The first chapter is free and then you can unlock the rest for 0.99 dollars each!

Published 21 May 2013.
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